Founding Principles

Founded by Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO of Qualys, at the request of many large corporations and industry leaders who share the view that with the emergence of cloud technologies, we now have the unique opportunity to build security into the fabric and not as an afterthought. Philippe has personally pledged half a million dollars to support TIM.

Our Fundamentals

Three core pillars guide our work and focus








We focus on fostering innovation to solve the hard problems on the Internet, by funding new solutions and providing the appropriate technical assistance and resources to address them.





Through working groups consisting of subject matter experts and stakeholders, we provide collaborative frameworks for discussing these problems and working towards solutions. Working group results will be published on a regular basis and shared with the community.

Individual Expertise




We will attract individuals with specialized domain expertise to guide and contribute to the development of the various working groups. These experts include members from larger corporations, government agencies, industry organizations or individual contributors.




Our Story

Today, with two billion people online and millions of corporations moving into the cloud to support their business growth and compete more effectively, the Internet has emerged as the backbone of modern society. At the same time security, privacy and reliability have become the front and center issues as the threat landscape continues to evolve at warp speed.


Launched at the RSA Conference 2012, the Trustworthy Internet Movement (TIM) is a non-profit, vendor-neutral organization leveraging the power of the global security community to advance industry-wide technology innovations and initiatives for actionable change.


TIM’s mission is to resolve major lingering security issues on the Internet, such as SSL governance and the spread of botnets and malware, by ensuring security is built into the very fabric of private and public clouds, rather than being an afterthought.


The approach to solving these critical issues includes both technological and societal aspects. Drawing on individual talent from large corporations, cloud providers and industry groups as well as resources and technical assistance from technology leaders and the venture capital community, TIM will fund and foster collaborative innovation through working groups between these stakeholders. Together, our members will identify the hard issues to be solved and create new solutions to address them.




Ready to Participate with TIM?



  1. Experts with domain expertise who want to devote their time and energy to solve one or many of the problems they are most passionate about.
  2. Innovators and technology gurus who want to build new security solutions and innovate in this space.
  3. Stakeholders, including individuals, venture capitalists or corporations that want to adopt an important problem to be solved for a particular initiative.
  4. Corporations that want to fund TIM to solve a specific problem.
  5. Academic institutions and non-profit organizations who need funds for a specific initiative TIM is interested in and can help resolve.
  6. Angel investors and VCs who want to be the forefront of innovation and can provide financial support.