Founding Principles

Founded by Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO of Qualys, at the request of many large corporations and industry leaders who share the view that with the emergence of cloud technologies, we now have the unique opportunity to build security into the fabric and not as an afterthought. Philippe has personally pledged half a million dollars to support TIM.

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Data Driven Security

Survey of Field-Proven Information Security Metrics
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Data Driven Security collects examples and implementation guidelines for information security metrics and makes them available to a broad audience. The focus is on metrics that have been proven to work in practice, because they make use of data points that are readily available for their measurements and because they provide valid and intuitive information on the state of a security program that can be understood by professionals outside of information security.

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SSL Pulse

Survey of the SSL Implementation of the Most Popular Web Sites
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SSL Pulse is a continuous and global dashboard for monitoring the quality of SSL support across the top one million web sites. SSL Pulse is powered by the assessment technology of SSL Labs, which is focused on auditing the SSL ecosystem, raising awareness, and providing tools and documentation to web site owners so they can improve their SSL implementations.

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